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SIMOC, Latin America's leading Cyber Range Platform for over a decade, now extends its versatile and potent services to the European market. We are on a mission to 'democratise' Cyber Ranges, making them available to all - bringing the best in education, training, testing and more to everyone. Contact us to explore our offerings, learn about promotional incentives, and find out how SIMOC can meet your cybersecurity needs.

About Our

SME Community Scheme

The greatest advance in Cyber Security will be when everyone understands it. Cyber should be Accessible, Affordable and Easy.

We are dedicated to ‘democratising’ cyber, and building a comprehensive service for all that is;


Enhance your team's cybersecurity skills with SIMOC, a top-tier 'flight simulator for Cyber.' World-class training for key staff and comprehensive online guidance for all members.

Made for You

User-friendly tools with intuitive interfaces, accompanied by clear guidance, practical examples, and reliable support.


You're not alone. Join your local SME cyber community, crafted and supported by SIMOC Cyber.


Comprehensive defense against common threats, accompanied by ongoing support and guidance at every stage.


Affordable and convenient, our subscription-based model eliminates large upfront costs, providing ongoing access to our services and support.

Watch this video to find out more about our plans and join our growing band of pioneers!

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SIMOC Cyber for SMEs

Our Principles





Harness the Strengths

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often share a close-knit community, fostering a deep understanding of the challenges they collectively encounter. By uniting their efforts, they can collaboratively address and effectively manage these issues.

Make it human

The realm of cybersecurity is frequently perceived as daunting and technical, instilling a sense of fear. However, it's important to recognize that this need not be the case. Cybersecurity can be understood and navigated with the right knowledge and approach, making it more accessible and manageable for everyone.

Make it Affordable

Given the current financial constraints, it's imperative to acknowledge that the task at hand needs to be undertaken within the limits of your available resources. We understand the importance of aligning the necessary actions with your budgetary considerations during these tight times.

Make it Easy

As well as understandable, we want to make cyber easy. We offer straightforward contracts, usually based on a subscription. In this way there should be no surprises or unnecessary complexities. Our goal is - sign up and you're under way. If you understand it you can manage it.