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Enjoyable, Realistic, Affordable Cyber Education For All


Cyber Education with Ranges can be too ‘elitist’ and expensive. Our goal is to make them accessible to all, radically enhancing the quality of cyber education at a critical time for all our security. We do this through cost reduction and scalable, yet intelligent automation. Our simple pricing models mean you can now bring full scale cyber range use regularly into the classroom.
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Making the excellent everyday.

Bringing learning to life

We offer;

Fully scalable architecture, automated realistic learning for up to 1,000 students.

Hundreds of inbuilt customisable training scenarios, constantly updated.


Inbuilt student assessment module

The SIMOC Cyber Range Platform has trained over 20,000 students and supports 8 Cyber Labs across its native Brazil.  Partnered with most of the ‘Big 5’ consultancies, it is integral to the Country’s Critical Infrastructure and Financial Services Industries.  New to the UK/Europe, we are a proud member of the UK Government’s Cyber Accelerator Programme.