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Simoc Assure

Empowering Your Cyber Security with Automated Testing in Realistic Environments

Cyber Testing by Cyber People



Simoc Assure combines those skills, utilising the unique flexibility of the SIMOC Cyber Range to create a comprehensive cyber security test environment.

How Simoc Assure Helps

Cyber Services are complex, and they often protect complex environments such as Corporate Infrastructures. Your existing test practices naturally cover unit and integration prior to release. However getting confidence a new release will continue to work as you expect in the real world is a challenge – you’ll probably only find out when in Production.

Simoc Assure enables you to automatically test your service in a simulated, yet highly realistic environment PRIOR to release. In this way you can be confident about your rollout, by;

    Automatically running all your existing service tests within a variety of complex environments.

    Access an extensive library of additional tests, all of which can be customised.

    Importing and executing tests from Open Source databases of known vulnerabilities.

    This convenient method of broad assurance within a realistic environment can be integrated with your existing issue and requirements management processes. We are however firm believers in the principle of ‘only test what you need’ – typically our risk-based testing processes reduce test time by between 20 and 50%, enabling both more rapid delivery and greater confidence.

      Easy, Optimised, Comprehensive Testing

      Your Service

      Realistic, Adaptable Target (SIMOC)

      By The Way...

      It’s great for demos! Imagine being able to easily demonstrate your cyber service against a variety of complex environments. You can set up a truly dynamic demo to impress your clients by running your service against a meaningful complex infrastructure and showing how it responds to relevant challenges of your (or your client’s) choice.